Fleet & Commercial Vehicle Services

Let us worry about your fleet, so you can worry about your business.

Fleet Tire Truck & Auto services commercial vehicles and fleets throughout South Florida.

Our team services more than 9000 vehicles per year, and a large majority of these vehicles come from companies and corporations. 

Why choose Fleet Tire Truck and Auto Center for your fleet?

We have been supporting fleets in our community for many years. Companies “depend” on us and we are “dependable”. We are staffed and have inventory stocked to support fleets and we know that your company is not making any money while your vehicles are in our bays. So, there is a great sense of urgency to get your fleet vehicles back on the road and producing for your company.

Warranty through Goodyear Service Provider Network
When you repair your fleet vehicles the warranty goes with the vehicle for 2 years and 24k miles. If a part fails before the warranty is up, then its associated parts and labor are covered at more the 2000 Goodyear Tire and Service Providers locations nationwide.

We are the Automotive Fleet Experts
We know our industry inside and out, as to what tires and what parts hold up to fleet requirements and the tires and parts that don’t. We are the “Owner’s Advocate” to making sure you do not over pay and not thinking you are getting a great deal just to find out a very low grade tire or aftermarket part left your vehicle on the side of the road.

Fleet Account Benefits and Experience
We offer fleet accounts (Net10) for established credit worthy companies and we are versed at following whatever process needs to be followed in maintaining your fleet. i.e. PO#, Fleet Manager verbal approvals, etc…

A Rated
We have long standing A ratings with many national fleet management companies, including:

  • PHH
  • Enterprise Fleet Management
  • GE Capital Fleet Management
  • ARI
  • GSA
  • Wright Express
  • Many more!

Exceptional Record of Quality
We have been recognized by Goodyear National Account support staff as being one of the very few service providers that holds a clean record of national account service.

Visit our team or contact us at any time to see how we can help support your fleet and make your life a lot easier, so you can focus on your operation. We provide Honest Answers and Quality Service that you can depend on.